Our insulated boxes in polyurethane foam are robust solutions that are ideal for shipments of the cold chain for up to 120 hours in summer and winter profiles.

The EXAM PACKAGING solutions are pre-qualifed for maintaining a tempereature range of 2-8°C for 24h to 120h following the ISTA7D, AFNOR and CCS standards (based on standard ISTA7D - 120h profile).

This wide range of insulated packaging is perfectly convenient for all types of shipments thanks to the various available payloads and wall thicknesses.



Temperature profile

All packagings can be pre-qualified according to your temperature profiles.

Size customizable

Thanks to our assembled pannels range, we can provide you with a box with internal and external dimensions meeting on your needs.

Type of pallet

Euro and industrial, wooden  (High temperature treared) or on plastic pallets.


Logo printed

Option of adding the company's name/logo printed on the box.